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Can You Believe It’s Already Thursday Links

Congrats Michael.

January’s Top 30 Chicago Shows.

The Year in Music from Greg Kot.

Tankboy’s Best of 2011. And look at this Christmas Prank.

Rock in 2011.

Alex White is a Female Guitarist You Should Know.

QRO Magazine’s Top 50 Records of 2011. 50-31.

Peter Margasak’s Favorites of 2011. 20-11.

Top 11 Chicago Records from LoudLoopPress. And look at this while you are at it.

More CHIRP DJ Favorites.

The Reissues of 2011.

The Best Songs of 2011 from the New York Post.

9 Awesome Songs You Didn’t Hear in 2011.


10 Biggest Band Beefs of 2011.

The Reader’s Favorite Restaurants of 2011. And Movies. And Music.

The Single Best Meal of 2011.

Keep Hoping Machine Running

11 Funniest SNL Sketches of 2011.

Favorite New TV Shows of 2011.

When is your favorite TV show returning?

The Carrie Brownstein Starter Kit.

2011 Cable Network Ranker.

The Best Movie Posters of 2011.

Criticwatch: The Whores of the Year.

The Muppets cover David Bowie.

Programmer Ryan Gosling.

When Radio Goes Wrong.


Funny Writing.

The 10 Best Comedians of 2011.

I like to fly Delta.

Red Light Running v. Benny Hill.

50 New Years Resolutions in 2012.

Mary would not like to live in Samoa.

The 25 Best Skylines in the World.


What Are You Doing New Year’s Eve?

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