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Thursday Late Links


America’s Back.

Sen. Rand Paul Not Being Irate.

Santorum Doesn’t Like The Gays, Samberg’s Impression.

Congratulations, Rep. Barney Frank.

Gay Comedy Role Models.

Burritos! The cornerstone to every delicious breakfast.

Not going to Hot Doug’s? Members of Fucked Up. Also: Check out Yusho.

Will Deep Dish compete?

Still Life.

Where will Kramer work?

I am so judging you right now.”

Party Legends: Snoop Dogg.

New Video: Gucci Mane.

D’Angelo is back.

Aloe Blacc “I Need a Dollar” (Cee-Roo Remix)

First Watch: Laura Gibson.

Job You Can Do Drunk: Host Wheel of Fortune.

Awesome Ball Boy.


Phish at Wrigley Field? On the 4th of July?

Cute: Shedd’s New Sea Otter. Cats Sitting in Things.Wet Animals.

I’d love to see Ben Bradley do this.

Kimmel Kartoon: American Idol and The Flintstones.

Sundance: Elizabeth Olsen is a star, But what about Martin Starr?

Be normal Gaga!

The Ramones Wanna, The Misfits Want.

LoudLoopPress: 12 Chicago Bands to Watch in 2012.

Drag City Movies.

Roxy Music 40th Anniversary.

Glee does Michael Jackson:

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