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Why Yes, It Is Thursday Already.

Boo: Treme won’t be on until the Fall.

Update: No, that wasn’t Steve Carell on The Office last week.

The Gay Rights Movement. (Thanks, Steph!)

Colbert/Cain Rally. Wait, what?

Oh, Newt. You Lack Moral Character.


I love Charles Osgood.


Supercut: Animals and iPhones, D’oh!

Uggie is Top Dog. More dogs!

First Airplane and now this.

Dave Chappelle in 1992.

Total Eclipse of the Heart: The Flowchart.

Your Next Favorite Band Is

My First Hardcore Song.

New SPRINGSTEEN! Album out in March. Candy’s Room.

New Santigold Video.

New Miike Snow.

John K. Samson goes solo.

Grinderman Nick Zinner Remix.

Skrillex. And Skrillex.

The 120 Minutes Archive.

“Rolling in the Deep” from The World.

Vinyul. Really, vinyl.

Mrs. Groupon.

Killjoy in Seattle. And Snow.

Shit Jodie Says.

Shit The Dowager Countess Says.

TV Tonight: Archer, and Parks and Recreation.

Modern Family Pervert.

Hello Jon Hamm.

Did you watch Idol last night?

This is How I Want to See Mark Wahlberg.

Time Out Chicago Reviews The Portlandia Show at The Hideout.

Why You Should Be Concerned: PIPA & SOPA. Funny Internet Reactions.

Go Bruins!

Seriously guys, come to Soup and Bread.

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