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Friday Cockery

Downton Abbey: On-Screen vs. Off-Screen

Awesome Mad Men Subway Graffiti.

Lizzy Caplan in Masters of Sex.

New title for Munsters Reboot.

Tig Notaro! Joining Sarah Silverman’s NBC Pilot.

Hulk’s Open Letter to NBC Executives.

DVR Alert: Soul Train Marathon on WCIU.

Living Alone.

20 Best Sundance Performances.

Ryan Gosling On Demand.

Get the Gringo Trailer.

Bon Iver on not playing at Grammy Awards. 5 SNL Sketches A.V. Club is Hoping For.

New: The-Drum “Night Driving”

New: The Hairs “I’ve Been Working Out”

New Beach Fossils: “Shallow”

Lana Del Rey: On Letterman. Bra Straps. Vulture: Why Dave is Hilarious.

New: Neon Indian “Fallout” Video.

Alabama Shakes Cover Led Zep.

Lou Reed Covers Sam Cooke.

Fleet Foxes on Jeopardy.

New Album from Tenacious D.

Madonna featuring M.I.A. and Nicki Minaj.

Valentine’s Day Mood Music. In Austin.

Bill Frisell Tiny Desk Concert.

Take on Me on Accordion.

KISS and Angry Birds.

New: CFCF “Exercise #3 (Building)”

The Tragedy of Comedy Podcasts.

Twitter is Irresistible.

Places I Haven’t Been.

This is Your Brain on Comedy.

Can a Rape Joke Be Funny?

30 Classy Cats and Dogs.

The Apple Treadmill.

Trump Endorsement.

Roseanne for President.

NBC Adds Ultra Slow-Motion Cameras.

Mmmm Bill Belichick.

Budweiser: Hockey Bigger than Super Bowl in Canada.

“I’m Going To Disney World!”


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