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The Monday Load-In

NBC Apologizes for M.I.A. middle finger. Video. GIF.

Entire Halftime Show. Sketchy Andy Lewis. Madonna.

Rush is a Picker.

OK Go with Chevrolet “Needing/Getting”

Audi Vampire Party featuring Echo & The Bunnymen.

Toyota featuring Megafaun.

Samsung featuring The Darkness.

Bud Light featuring Kanye West.

The Lorax featuring Vampire Weekend.

Chrysler: “It’s Halftime in America”

Racist Ad? Now.

Best Commercial You Didn’t See.

Jimmy Fallon’s Super Bowl Opening Number.

Awful Announcing Super Bowl Recap. Gisele’s Potty Mouth.

The Week in TV GIFs.

Active Child Covers Eurythmics.

Download: Curren$y EP.

Randy Travis looks creepy.

Meryl Streep on Fresh Air.

Downton Abbey’s Dan Stevens Reads Jack and the Beanstalk.

Real Life Cartman.

Charles Osgood: CBS Sunday Morning has Young Viewers.

SXSW Podcast Lineup.

JFK’s Teen Mistress.

10 Coolest Subways Around the World. NYC Kiwi.

Bookstore Cats. Thirsty Kitty. Catsik featuring Exkitten.

Watch Your Head.

Google Truffaut.

Chicago Tribune on Pinterest.

Roger Ebert’s New Yorker Caption Contest Entry.

Third Bongo Room Coming North. Moto Celebrates 8th Anniversary.

Jeff Mangum Tonight!

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