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A Sunday Bonus Load

New York Times Magazine: Sharon Van Etten. Video.

Liz Phair on Lana Del Rey.

Mmmm Deer Meat.


M83 “Steve McQueen” featuring Zola Jesus on Carson Daly.

Musical Family Tree: Margot and the Nuclear So and So’s.

Black Lips Headline SI Swimsuit Issue Music Festival. Wait, what?

Mr. Ghetto “Lion King Bounce”

Queen’s New Singer.

Uke Michael.

Back to the Future on Broadway.

Chris Traeger is Literally The Best.

Downtown Abbey, er, Downton Abbey or Fancy Entourage. Men Love DA too.

Bobby Cannavale to Boardwalk Empire.

Portia and Ellen’s ABC Pilot.

Governor Mormon.

Santorum Engaging Speaker.

Pick a Dick.

Chocolate and Peanut Butter.

I Should Buy a Boat.

Dog Saves Owner.


Alec Baldwin on the NFL.

Youth Sports.

A Typewriter Renaissance.

Microphones That Changed History.

Really enjoyed The Soul Train Marathon on Saturday night:

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